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Exercises that activate each buttocks muscle : 

  • MEDIUS - Jumping Jacks 
  • MAXIMUS - Deep Lunges 
  • MINIMUS - Squats

Honestly, you need NOTHING else to get the butt you dream of, just these three exercises!



I’m obsessed with making my butt look glorious

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Arnold and Serge

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Advanced Style: Age and Beauty

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Made a lovely lunch. Crunchy chile chick peas, guacamole, and a whole wheat wrap with guac, brown rice, and mixed greens.

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Best Run Ever.

I planned on only running 2.5 miles, but something in me pushed me to go to the riverfront and I tacked on another .5 miles. That is amazing, I had no idea that I would be able to run that much.

I’m no runner, I’m a cardio machine addict, and only run during practice and games. But never for leisure. Something inspired me at midnight to run. And I just went and did it.

I’m pretty damn proud. Then I did some yoga at home and fuck yeah it was awesome.